My Hospital Bag for Baby#2: C-Section Delivery

Hey Lovelies! So, we're nearing the finale day with just 4 days away for the arrival of our little girl. And, so I thought it would only be appropriate to share what I've been up to in regards to preparation for the big day. My first pregnancy was a cesarean and this will be as well. Besides staying a day longer than a natural birth delivery, I really don't have anything in the bag that's specific for a cesarean delivery, just a few extra pieces for a longer stay. This list works for both ways. I would just pack 1 or two pieces less for myself if I were delivering naturally. Well, since this is the second time around, I kinda have experience of what it is absolutely necessary and what is not to pack in the hospital bag, lesson learned from last time. And, somethings like robe (hospital gown) and undies are provided by the hospital but who wouldn't want to feel refreshed and more like themselves in their own clothing.

The bag I used for my and baby's stuff is a duffle bag from my luggage collection by Bric's Milano. I've had this collection since my honeymoon from almost 10 years ago and I still LOVE it to this day. Baby daddy is not going to need much, other than some toiletries and a shirt or two since we live close to the hospital and he'll be visiting home a couple of times a day to shower and things like that.

Download the PDF version of the hospital bag list here.


  1. Birth plan (a few copies)
    • I didn't have one during my first pregnancy but I did create one this time around because I want to be clear about my wishes and requirements stated on paper instead of repeating it to the nurses every time there is a shift change.
  2. 1-2 tank tops
    • You can choose to have nursing tanks if you prefer but I just have comfy loose tanks that are easily accessible for nursing just by pulling them down.
  3. Nursing bra
    • I love the one I got by Bravado that I picked up from Target.
  4. Nursing pads
    • I have these disposable ones that worked well during my first pregnancy so I'll be using the same.
  5. Leggings
    • I lived in leggings throughout most of this pregnancy and I'm pretty sure I will postpartum as well, especially that they are high-waisted to cover my incision area.
  6. Robe(s)
    • Who wants to stay in those yucky hospital gowns? Comfy robes are a must and be sure they're dark colored because accidents do happen.
  7. Slippers
    • Take a pair that you wouldn't care about tossing in case they get ruined and bloody.
  8. Shower flip-flops
    • Although I would love to skip showering at the hospital, I just couldn't last two days without a refreshing shower to bring me back to life. Same as the slippers, take a pair to toss away afterwards. I got a pair from Old Navy for $2.50 on sale.
  9. Going home outfit
    •  A flowy cotton midi-length dress or a loose shirt and tights is best for the car ride home.
  10. Underwear
    • Those hospital granny panties are comfy but I feel like they're too loose for me. I like to take my own for a more of a tug feeling and support.
  11. Nipple cream
    • I love this one by Motherlove. It's all natural and organic so there's no need to wipe it off before nursing. It's safe for mama and baby.
  12. Makeup
    • Face wash, moisturizer, foundation, blush, eyeliner & mascara is all I'm taking for a quick touch up. I want to keep it as natural as possible to avoid rubbing any product onto the baby, but just enough to look presentable. I am currently using this foundation by Clinique and I love it because it works as both foundation and concealer. A little goes a long way with this product. Also, I suggest adding some of your moisturizer to thin out for your face coverage. 
  13. Lip balm
    • Have you heard of chapped lips during the hospital stay? It's VERY true. The minute you get into your room, change and get hooked up to those machines, your lips are already feeling chapped. Must must must!
  14. Hair products (ties, clips, brush, shampoo/conditioner, tools)
    • If you plan on showering during your stay, I would also add a blow dryer or a hair straightener.
  15. Toiletries (toothbrush/toothpaste, deodorant, lotion, razor)
    • Travel size of these are the best and I recommend a disposable toothbrush so you can just get rid of it after the stay. Also, be sure your lotion is fragrance free so the scent doesn't bother the baby.
  16. Nursing cover
  17. Nursing pillow
    • This is a must have item if you plan on breastfeeding. I mean you can always use the hospital pillows and manage that way but if you can splurge on a good nursing pillow, it makes the experience so much smoother.


  1. Blood cord/tissue kit
    • We chose to store the blood cord and tissue the first time around with our son and will be doing the same for this baby as well.
  2. Car seat
    • We have the Britax B-Safe 35 and are very happy with it.
  3. Going home outfit
    • Something cute yet comfy and soft.
  4. 1-2 comfy one-pieces
    • Most hospitals provide onesies so you don't have to take anything but I'd like to take my own for photos.
  5. Swaddle blankets
    • I've packed a few designs by Aden and Anais. I love the swaddle blankets by this company. They are so soft and get softer and softer after every wash.
  6. Hat/headband
    • Again, hospitals provide the newborn hats but for photos sake I plan on taking a hat and a couple of headbands. My favorite line if you're having a girl is Baby Bling Bows.
  7. Mittens
    • My hospital doesn't have mittens, but they're onesies have the mitten sleeves and somehow babies, even days old, know how to take those fingers out of there. And, once they do, they go at it with scratching their faces.
  8. Pacifier
    • I am not a fan of pacifiers but it's good to have just in case it is needed and if your hospital does not provide. I like these soothies by Philips.
  9. Bib
    • If you plan on taking your own outfits for baby then I would suggest a bib or two to cover up their brand new outfits from breast milk stains while nursing.
  10. Wipes
    • I am picky when it comes to safe ingredients in products so I plan on taking my own and I have chosen to go with these by Water Wipes.
  11. Formula/formula water
    • I plan to exclusively breastfeed but we all know how difficult and frustrating the first few days can be so I plan on taking my formula in a formula dispenser and water just to be on the safe side. Last time, I had to give my son those liquid formulas the hospitals provide when latching was not going well and I was desperate for anything just so he eats. And, I'm not happy with the ingredients in that liquid formula so I plan on taking my own this time around.
  12. Bottles
    • I am a big fan of Lifefactory products, including their baby bottles and I'll take their 4 oz with me just in case we do formula.
  13. Breast pump
    • I would be taking my breast pump by Medela but would probably leave it in the car in case it is needed. Although I did need it last time and had not purchased it so had to borrow from the hospital to pump.
  14. Diaper cream
    • I love this one by Badger for it's effectiveness and safe ingredients for a baby's bum.


  1. Laptop & charger
    • I can't live without my laptop even if it means it'll just be sitting there. It will also come in handy if you wanted to backup your photos and videos, edit and send to friends/family, post on social media, etc.
  2. Phone/phone charger
    • Here, I just have to mention to take an extra long charger.
  3. Camera (photo and video)
    • I'll be packing my Nikon DSLR for photos and a Canon Powershot for videos. And, most importantly don't forget chargers!
  4. Memory cards
    • I always have a few cards packed in my camera bag. You just never know when these things can go bad or not be readable.


  1. Snacks
  2. Gum/mints
  3. Water bottle
  4. Gift for older sibling(s) from baby
  5. Cash/change

That's really it for my hospital bag essentials. Everything for mom and baby on this list will fit in one duffle size bag and I will take my laptop bag as well as camera bag to fit the rest of the tech things in. I hope that this list will help you with your hospital bag packing as I know how overwhelming it can be to narrow down the list, especially if you're doing this for the first time. Again, this is my hospital bag essentials as a second time mom and what's necessary for me and my family to make it through our stay with comfort and ease.

xoxo, Salpie