Back-To-School: 5 Preschool Must Haves

I can't believe it's that time of year again, back-to-school! Summer really did fly by! Whether your little one is headed back to school or going for the first time, I want to make sure you have the right items. Just because your little one isn't starting big kid school, doesn't mean he/she doesn't need to go back-to-school shopping. Or, if you're more like me, you bypass that part and do everything online. And, since I shop online, I try to involve my son as much as possible and ask for his opinion in color, design, etc before I order anything for him. It works out for us.

There are so many options out there and you want to find the right fit for your kid's personality and needs, but here are some of my (and Mason's) favorite preschool must-haves that we put to use during my son's preschool summer camp for two months. I'm sure your school has already provided a list of items needed for your child and it's most likely the same items they ask for at every preschool. Although lunch is usually provided at most preschools, my son's preschool included, but if your child is anything like my little picky eater, then a homemade lunch it is. And, I don't mind at all because I still have control over him eating healthy and organic. So, I'm here to share with you the 5 things you should consider buying before the first day of preschool.

1.  Yumbox Bento Lunch Box. The perfect bento lunch box for all ages, especially for toddlers. It is designed with silicone molded lid so when closed, it keeps the contents in place and in a tight seal, in other words, LEAKPROOF! I have put creamy dips like hummus in one of the compartments as part of my son's lunch, and there have been no leaks between the compartments or outside of the box, even when closed and flipped vertically. And, another great feature is the attached lid. That's exactly what I was looking for in a lunch box for my son, so the lid doesn't separate and get lost. The compartment tray is removable and all the parts are made with food-safe materials, BPA-free and pthalates-free. And, I am so happy that it fits in the Pottery Barn lunch bag perfectly, still room for something like a banana. Check out the Yumbox website for the different selections, colors, compartments styles, and tray illustrations.

2. Fit & Fresh Cool Coolers Slim Lunch Ice Packs. Perfectly sized to fit in all types of lunch bags, especially our Pottery Barn lunch bag. I pack my son's lunch in the morning before school and his lunch bag is still cold when he returns around 3 pm. Depending on what I pack for him, I can put one under the Yumbox and the other one slips into the mesh pocket inside the lunch bag. However, most of the time, I've only had to put one ice pack and that's been enough. They are slim yet work great for hours!

3. Fairfax Lunch Bag. The Fairfax collection is the perfect match to our preschool collection. It's very durable, made out of water resistant polyester which makes it easy to wipe with a damp cloth. And the interior lining is made of PEVA, an environmentally friendly, food-safe vinyl that's made without chlorine or plasticizers. There is a zippered mesh pocket inside to hold anything from ice packs to napkin and utensils. And, a mesh on the outside of the bag for a bottle of water. The Contigo water bottle that we use is a great fit. You also have the option to personalize it with your child's name, as well as fun patches to match their theme or interest.

4. Urban Infant Toddler Nap Mat. All in one solution that addresses the bedding needs for preschoolers or even daycare children. It is designed to be used on top of a standard daycare cot. Its elastic corners secure the nap mat to the cot legs. It's very lightweight and durable to withstand weekly washing. I remove the pillow and machine wash cold and tumble try. I've washed it well over 10 times during Mason's summer camp and so far, great as new. It has a removable pillow, an attached fleece blanket, name tag on the front, and a secret pocket to tuck your child's special toy. And, it rolls up quickly and once rolled, carry it from a handle for easy toting. So stylish and a convenient alternative to the traditional pillow and blanket.

5. Contigo Trekker Kids Water Bottle. This is a great water bottle with an autoseal lid which does not allow any spills or leaks. I've only put water in it and haven't had any issues of mold or smells. It only contains two parts, the bottle and the lid. I've been through many water bottles for my son and this one has definitely won in that department. I only wish that it was insulated to keep the water cold longer but besides that one minor issue, it's a great water bottle for a preschool aged kid.

Thank you to Yumbox for their generous lunch box gift for an honest product review in return. All opinions mentioned above are solely mine.

xoxo, Salpie