Life Update: We're Moving


We’re so excited about our next adventure and it’s crazy how life has unfolded in the recent months. I shared a couple of weeks ago on Instagram stories about some changes happening and I finally announced it yesterday that we are moving.

Las Vegas here we come!

How did this come about?

My husband and I have talked about moving out of CA for years. Initially, we would throw out the idea of moving out of state as a joke. Then, it was put on the backburner after that. Fast forward to a few months ago when the topic came up again, we decided we wanted a lifestyle change and were excited for a new adventure. After a couple of visits to Las Vegas, filled with very long days of showings, getting to know the neighborhoods and talking to locals, we knew it in our hearts this was our calling.

Why Las Vegas, Nevada?

It’s home away from home. We’ve visited Las Vegas countless of times; it’s familiar and comfortable. It’s only 4 hours away from Los Angeles by car. And, we fell in love with our new neighborhood, Summerlin to be exact, which is 20 minutes West of the Las Vegas strip. The area is new and beautifully designed, with lots of kid friendly parks, shopping, restaurants, and if you ever feel like visiting the strip, it’s only 20 minutes away. We’re far enough from the strip life to raise a family but also close enough to be entertained. Over the years, we brushed through different potential states to relocate to (Seattle, Arizona, Texas & Nevada). Although Texas is a dream state to live in for us, it’s just not the right timing currently. Hopefully, one day. However, for now, we are so excited to call Summerlin, Las Vegas our new home and can’t wait for what’s to come.

How is the new home?

It’s very nice and clean. The previous owners have maintained it really well. Our number one priority was the location with good schools (even though we homeschool, it’s a good feature when you sell a home) and this house is located in a great neighborhood with 9’s and 10’s school ratings. Another feature was a slightly bigger square footage. And, third was a pool. Must have a pool in that hot desert weather. Of course, there are some things that we will upgrade as time goes on but it’s definitely move-in ready. Oh, and it’s two stories! The kids are going to have a blast with stairs in the house.

Moral of this story and post? Do what’s right for you and your family. You get one shot at life and if you don’t try now you will always wonder what life would have been if you didn’t try.

Viva Las Vegas!