Mother's Day at Ventura Harbor Village


Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there whether past, present and soon to be. You’ve probably seen the image below floating around social media. I love it so much because we often forget to consider all types of moms. I lost both of my grandmas long time ago so on this day, I always think of what it would’ve been like to have them around now. And, I’m sure those who have lost their moms feel the pain when this day approaches. So, please know that I’m thinking of you.


I am so blessed and lucky to have my mom around as a witness of my motherhood phase and for her to be present as a grandmother to all her grandchildren. I wish that one day I will get to experience the same with my kids. Everything that I am today and hope to be in the future, I owe it to my mom. She’s the kindest and most generous woman I know. And the woman cooks good food! I’m still working on learning all the traditional Armenian foods.

So, on Mother’s Day, as any other (busy) holiday, we normally avoid all the traffic and crazy long lines and instead get together with families and stay indoors and have brunch/lunch/dinner. This year, my husband and I decided to take a quick adventure on the opposite side of the city (where there is no traffic). We headed to Ventura Harbor Village (near Oxnard, CA) for the first time. It was a different scenery from our usual hangouts (Malibu or Santa Monica) which was nice. We walked around the village, the kids played at a vintage arcade and had a blast, and the scenery was just so beautiful. We ended the trip with the town’s best shrimp tacos - this hole in the wall kind of place. There’s definitely a lot of different water activities such as kayaking, cruise ship tour, whale watching, fishing, and so much more, which we couldn’t fit into our visit that day but hopefully next time around.

We didn’t really take too many photos because I wanted to be in the moment and have fun with the kids as they ran around with excitement - here’s a few that I snapped.