Our Favorite Amazon Purchases in 2018


Hope you had a nice weekend! Anyone else addicted to shopping on Amazon? The quick purchase and fast delivery is so awesome. I seriously cannot understand how they do what they do. We have been Prime members for over 10 years and it wasn’t until about 5 years ago that we started making purchases regularly. Now that I have 3 kids, it’s most convenient to order everything and anything I need in matters of minutes rather than running to Target and dragging the kids along. And, I love reading the reviews - that explains why I shop online 99% of the time. We even stopped going to Costco and allowed for the membership to expire (we heavily relied on Costco for most of out toiletries and household products). And, I love Amazon for their Subscribe + Save feature. Now, we heavily rely on Amazon for many things and have turned on the Subscribe + Save feature for the ongoing items that we need (diapers, wipes, cleaning supplies, bulk spices, dog food, toiletries, etc). The more you subscribe, the more you save. Also, you get to schedule how often you would like each item delivered as well as the quantity.

Ok, so let’s get to the point of today’s post, shall we? We made 189 orders in 2018. Isn’t that crazy?! If you’re interested in finding out your total orders, just go to your account, then “download order reports”, enter the date range and Voila! So, today I’m sharing our favorite purchases made in 2018, and there are 20 in total. These are items that I am still satisfied with to date and continue recommending to anyone I know. So, here we go.

Our Favorite Amazon Purchases in 2018

  1. As technology gets better so does the world of photos and videos. When quality gets better so does the size of the files. I was maxed out on my external hard drive so I had my eye on this 4TB portable hard drive that’s been my best friend when it comes to backing up my files.

  2. We ordered these insect repellents towelettes for our Hawaii a couple of years ago and they were so easy to apply and useful in keeping the flies and mosquitoes away. One towelette would cover myself and my two kids from head to toe. It’s so necessary during the hot months and especially when in the tropicals.

  3. This oversized Turkish beach towel with fringe trims is the perfect blanket and the only one we use when going to the beach. It washes really well and fits two adults very comfortably. And, the colors and designs are light and beautiful. It also folds nice and small, doesn’t take alot of space in your beach tote.

  4. My kids have gone through so many bibs that I’ve become an expert when it comes to the durability, comfort, and style of bibs. I’ve purchased bibs from all over from high-end to low-end brands and it wasn’t until I ordered these organic bandana cotton bibs that totally changed the bib game. These are stylish, organic, super absorbent, and very well made. They wash so well, and I haven’t had any issues with tearing, shedding, or seams ripping open. So happy with these.

  5. I can’t say enough good things about the amazing quality of these insulated ripple hot cups. The price is so so good for how outstanding the quality is. This is our third time purchasing a set of 500 and we can’t be happier.

  6. I only started using a mattress protector a couple of years ago when the kids would have accidents or milk spills in the bed. This waterproof and vinyl free mattress protector has been my favorite for our tempurpedic mattress and just ordered it for the kids twin beds as well.

  7. I am all about products that are clean, safe and non-toxic and this Blue Lizard SPF 30 Suncreen has been a family favorite. It’s the only one we’ve used two summers in a row. It’s a watery consistency so a little bit goes a long way and rubs into the skin nicely. And, what I think is so cool about it is that the bottle turns blue when UV light is detected to let you know it’s time to protect the skin. It’s also rates 1 on EWG.

  8. I switched over from sea salt to pink himalayan salt about two years ago, and during that time I would purchase it from Costco. Since we stopped shopping at Costco, I was on the hunt for the same brand since I loved it so much. And, luckily Amazon carries it. It’s this right here by The Spice Lab. It’s the only salt I buy.

  9. Since having babies, I’ve been more cautious about everything we bring into our house, especially baby products. These baby wipes by Water Wipes have been godsent in protecting our little ones’ bums and their eczema. It’s made of 99.9% of water and a drop of fruit extract. I am not afraid to wipe their face and mouth with these wipes.

  10. For all the kiddos on the go, this is the best reusable snack bag ever. I put all sorts of dry snacks in there, cheese quesadillas, cereal, cookies, you name it. They are safe than ziplock bags and eco-friendly to our environment. And, the designs are so adorable. They also come in other sizes.

  11. My friend recommended this to me a few years ago and I’m hooked. It’s the best Vitamin C around. Unlike other vitamin C’s, this is the only brand that has 90% absorption rate vs the usual 3% that other brands have. If I feel like we’re coming down with something, we take anywhere from 1 to 3 packets a day. I hide it in the kids foods or drinks and they won’t even notice. It does have a slight bitter citrus taste to it but I don’t mind it at all because it HELPS.

  12. I can’t leave the house without my most favorite purchase ever. If you have kids or even a business that requires for a lot of phone/tablet usage, then you need this portable charger in your life. It goes through 3 full charges before having to charge the portable charger. The best invention ever!

  13. I love tinted lip balms on a daily basis when I don’t feel like putting makeup on but need to look decent. I love Burt’s Bees and their tinted lip balms are very hydrating and soothing for chapped lips. They have a variety of different shades to choose from. I have the hibiscus and love it for my complexion. It’s just the right hint of color for everyday.

  14. Lately, I have been wrapping presents with this beautiful solid gift paper instead of bagging them and I’m loving it more. I thinks it’s much nicer to receive a wrapped present - a beautifully wrapped present builds up anticipation of the treat inside. And, I like keeping it simple with solid colors (black, white, kraft, etc) and accessorize it with fun ribbons and gift tags.

  15. Okay, ladies! Summer is right around the corner and this foot file is the best find. You have to be gentle and very careful to not over do it, otherwise, you will be left with raw skin. It removes the thickest and most aggressive callused heel. You will have baby-soft heels in seconds. Love this find so much! But, you just have to be careful.

  16. I try to ditch the foil and plastic wraps as much as possible thanks to these clever fabric bowl covers with elastic edging. Sometimes the kids will not finish their veggies or fruits so instead of packing it up in a glass tupperware I just place one of these on there and it keeps the food safe without using aluminum or plastic. Clever invention! Why didn’t I think of this idea!? LOL.

  17. These amber glass spray bottles are a new fave. They look pretty on the counter, are very well made and are lightweight glass. I have purchased a few for each room to have for easy access. They are so versatile - you can place almost anything in there, from water, to diy cleaning products, even essential oils.

  18. If you are in athleisure wear pretty much 5 days out of the week then you know how essential ankle cut socks are with workout shoes. I love how thin yet durable these are. They are breathable and comfortable - they don’t get pulled down at all. And, it’s such a great deal!

  19. I ditched plastic straws a long time ago and I’m not a fan of the paper straws. The kids can chew away the paper straws in seconds. And, these stainless steel straws are the best replacement we’ve had around the house for all our favorite drinks.

  20. Lastly, when I switched my household and toiletries products to all natural and toxic free a couple of years ago, I came across this Jamaican Black Castor Oil shampoo that I still love to this day. Most importantly, it cleans well, it’s sulfate free and smells amazing. My hair is so thick and currently very long, so two applications of this shampoo and I can go on longer without washing my hair. It’s also rated 1 on EWG.


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