2019 Valentine's Day

Hi loves, I hope you all had a day full of love with your family and friends! Over the years I’ve had a lot of fun with the kids on Valentine’s day. Every since the kids were born, I’ve tried to do something small and cute for them - cookies, treats, balloons, mini photoshoots at home. It’s the little things, you know? Besides that little tradition I’ve created for the kids, I’m not a big fan of the day, never have been. I’ve never liked the idea of going out on a date on the actual day. Maybe I’m weird but I think it’s sort of a cheesy holiday. Although it’s a holiday that should celebrate love, period - love between family, parents, kids, friendships, couples, etc. But, I feel like everything about the holiday is geared more towards “couples” which leaves many single individuals out feeling lonely and depressed that entire day. There are so many individuals that don’t have significant others and I just feel like it sucks for them because they are left out. It feels like a selfish holiday for those who have their special someone. But, that’s just me and I’m probably the only one who feels that way. LOL. What about you? Do you celebrate? Do you go out? Do you exchange gifts? Let me know how you feel about Valentine’s day in the comments below. Here are some photos taken yesterday. Love my valentines (baby daddy too who was at work)!