Fall Harvest and Halloween ootd


Fall harvest, Halloween activities, pumpkin patches, costumes and just everything about this season has gotten so much more fun after having kids. Before the kiddos were around, it was all grown up fun which consisted of sexy couples costumes, parties and booze. Nowadays, I leave it up to my toddler son what he'd like to do during this time of year and what he'd like to dress up as. I love how the kids are helping establish family traditions for all the holidays.

Ever since Mason was born 5 years ago, it has become a tradition to go to a Fall harvest and pumpkin patch every year before Halloween. And, every year we've pretty much gone to the same harvest. We love it there. It gets super busy on the weekends so to avoid the crazy long lines and large crowds, we normally pick a weekday and make it an all-day event. It's a day filled with lots of fun activities and rides from corn maze to making scarecrows to feeding the farm animals. We leave the harvest with a few pumpkins that Mason picks out and lots of memories and photos to cherish. It's nice to look back to the old photos every year pretty much in the same spot and see how much the kids have grown.

So about two months before Halloween I asked Mason what he'd like to be for Halloween this year and after watching the 2016 Trolls movie a few times that week, he quickly replied one of the characters from Trolls. But, it didn't end there. He told me he wanted all of four of us to dress up as the characters he assigned to us. I was excited about it. It was the first year we would dress up as a family and of course I quickly made it as the first year of a new tradition. I told my husband from now on until the kids are old enough and want nothing to do with us (LOL) we would dress up for Halloween as a family. A few days later after deciding our Halloween costumes, I told my sister who was trying to think of Halloween costumes for her kids, to join in on the Trolls theme and so the rest is history. Between her family and mine we pretty much completed the Trolls cast members. It was a lot of fun seeing the handmade costumes come to life. We got together on Halloween night at my parent's place, took some photos, and took off to trick or treating in the neighborhood.

For my family's costumes, I made a trip to Joann and pretty much got yards and yards of fleece and felt fabrics for the clothing (whichever one had the closest colors I needed) and lots of tulle for the hairs. I made patterns using the kids' clothing and hand sewed everything. And, in some instances such as the leaves for my husband's character vest (Branch) I used lots and lots of hot glue. And, for the hairs I just bought some white elastic and cut strips of tulle and tied them around the elastic. Then, tied the hair up with a hair tie once it was all done to keep the hair upwards. I altered my character outfit from a two piece to just a tutu I made using the same color palette as the original outfit. It was so fun and colorful to trick or treat as a big group dressed up from the same theme. Until next year...

Left to right: cooper; dj suki; king peppy; branch; ASPEN HEITZ; PRINCESS POPPY; CREEK; CLOUD GUY

Left to right: cooper; dj suki; king peppy; branch; ASPEN HEITZ; PRINCESS POPPY; CREEK; CLOUD GUY

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