A few Christmas card photo outtakes

So, the first attempt at this year’s kids’ Christmas photos did not make the final cut, however, they are still adorable and a great memory to look back on. Every year, I turn to Pinterest to get ideas on the photoshoot style I want to go with that year. Here is the one from last year that I LOVE to this day. So, this year I decided on a shoot at a Christmas tree farm. The only big problem I ran into was that where we live in Los Angeles, there are no actual tree farms. I searched long and hard until I found one that was 20 miles from us. Thankfully, it wasn’t a long distance.

I got the kids ready right when they woke up, had their breakfast ready on the go to be eaten in the car. Everything was going smoothly. Well, until we got to the farm. We got down from the car and felt the difference in weather - it was much more windy and chilly than our neighborhood. So, my husband and I decided to go ahead with it and see what we can get in a few shots real quick. In the total of 30 minutes we were there, our daughter threw a tantrum the entire time. And, let’s not talk about the candy canes they are sucking on - LOL. A nice lady was passing it out at the entrance which was sweet but I wish it was a treat on the way out instead. Anyways, so we called it quits and walked to the car in disappointment for not getting one good shot - all I wanted was ONE good shot!

That’s life with kids. No matter how well you plan out your day, you have to be prepared that things never turn out exactly the way you had planned. It’s important to have a positive outlook and be flexible to change your plans if necessary. The upside is that we left with outtakes, even though the original plan didn’t work out, we still got a memorable outing and photos. Later that day, I searched for more ideas and found other similar cute ideas where I can bring the Christmas tree farm vibe to our house. So, stay tuned for the final product in another post.


The boys // Zara
Katherine // Dr. Martens // Jumpsuit
My dress // similar