Ahhhh, I was so excited for this year’s Halloween. I mean, I find myself saying that every Halloween year after year but this one was so special. It was Lucas’ first Halloween and our first one as a family of five. We’re at a stage where our oldest, Mason, is old enough (6 years old) to come up with his choice of costume and once he chooses what he wants to be, we pretty much follow along. I’m pretty sure things will change in a few years when Katherine is a bit older. He chose to be Darth Vader from Star Wars and then he pretty much assigned everyone else’s costumes. And the best part, I did not have to make or DIY the costumes, well except for Katherine’s Princess Leia. Unlike last year’s costumes (check it out here), I had to make all of our costumes out of tulle, felt/fleece. Okay, back to this year’s Halloween, my husband dressed as a stormtrooper, Katherine was Princess Leia in the alderaan gown with the buns, Lucas was Yoda and I was Princess Leia in the hoth style outfit with the crown braid.

For Katherine’s Princess Leia costume, I just took out a white bed sheet that I no longer used and one of her long sleeve dresses to trace over. I made the sleeves wider at the bottom, more like bell sleeves, and the length of the dress to the floor. With the same fabric I cut out a belt and sewed on the silver embellishments out of shimmer velvet fabric that I had laying around. And, lastly hemmed the entire dress by hand and VOILA! And, by the way, I did this in 1 1/2 hours on the day of Halloween. And, you seriously couldn’t tell all the flaws in the photos or even in person - I know nothing when it comes to sewing but I pulled it off!

It had already gotten dark when we left for trick or treating thus the photos with lots and lots of flash. Halloween 2020 falls on a Saturday and we’ll have some nice photos with natural lighting - LOL (yes, I’ve checked that far out).

xo, Salpie