Throwback: Mason's Christening


I can't believe on this day (May 11, 2013) four years ago, we celebrated our little boy's Christening (who's not so little anymore). Where has the time gone!?! I was looking through these photos (and of course sobbing) the other day to help me plan the layout of our daughter's Christening celebration that's a month away (which I can't wait to share the details with you), and I thought why not do a TBT and share some photos from this special day. I can't believe how little Mason was. I kind of see a resemblance to Katherine, although Mason is a carbon copy of his father and Kate of me but it's crazy to see how they both look alike sometimes. But, back to this gorgeous day. I planned for a rustic theme in our backyard. After church, we headed to our home for some dinner, drinks and dancing. It was spent with close family and friends and everything went according to plan. The weather was just perfect, everyone was enjoying themselves and we all just had an awesome formal/kick-back kinda night. I just love backyard parties. You could go all out and formal or very chill and relaxed. The space could be so versatile and I love that I take my time decorating and beautifying the place days before as suppose to crunching the setup at a rented space. And, for something like a Christening celebration, I'd like to have a semi-formal setting and family style dinner or at least it starts that way (before everyone has had a drink or two) HAHA.