Big Bear Travel Diary & A Marriage Proposal

We had a nice little getaway into the snowy mountains of Big Bear early March. Every year around this time, we try to continue the Big Bear tradition and head up there with family and friends for the weekend. It's only a three hour drive from where we are and it's nice to just get away into a cozy cabin with nothing but white powder of snow all around. But, this year, it was a bit different. It was all planned out by my sister's boyfriend (now fiance) to get the families together for a couple of days so that he can propose to my sister. Everyone, except for my sister of course, knew beforehand of his plan and he had already asked my parents for their blessing to marry my sister weeks before the trip.

We all got to the cabin on a Friday. On this day, we unpacked, unwound and just chilled. The following day after brunch, it was planned that we play charades. In the game set, there was the marriage proposal card that was hidden away to be acted out by my sister and her boyfriend when their turn came. We played one round then it was my sister and her boyfriend's turn the second time around. My sister picked up THE CARD and her boyfriend acted it out. It went on for a good minute with my sister continuing to guess the card. Her boyfriend finally gave in and took the ring box from his brother and went down on one knee to propose while at the same time making it part of the act. Well, it all finally made sense to my sister when she saw the ring. You can see her face in the short video below. HAHA but we were joking with her how she still had not guessed the card.

And, moments later we were popping champagne bottles and celebrating. It was so much fun and very natural the way the whole set up turned out. It was a very unique proposal indeed. The rest of the trip we were talking, discussing and planning out all the fun events coming up, especially the wedding. it was an unforgettable Big Bear trip! Wow! I can't believe our little sister is engaged and about to be married soon! I am so excited for her and my future brother in law and looking forward to all the amazing memories we're about to create.