A Nursing Cover that Every Breastfeeding Mom Needs

Hey Lovelies! Happy Tuesday! So, between running the shop and blog, I’ve also been extremely busy preparing and nesting for our baby girl coming in less than 3 months! YIKES! Just the thought of having SO much left to do freaks me out a bit. But, what’s been most fun and relaxing is spending some quality time researching and reviewing for the best products in the market today. And, let me tell you, so much has changed since I last prepared for a baby four years ago.

As a first time mom, little did I know about what I NEEDED to make my life easier and effective as a new mom. I purchased products that I ended up not liking or using. Like who needs a nursing cover that does not really cover your sides and back? During the hospital stay for 4 days with Mason, I had friends and family visiting day and night. And, each time someone knocked on the door while I was breastfeeding or more like trying to breastfeed (any new mom knows the initial struggles that comes with breastfeeding – it’s not easy) I had to quickly cover myself up with anything I could find. That nursing cover I had which failed its purpose ended up staying in my hospital bag and never used it again.

So, while on the hunt for a good nursing cover this time around, I discovered the amazing nursing covers by a handmade business, Covered Goods. My first impression was how soft the material was and how small it was folded up. That just means it takes up no space in the diaper bag, which I am all for. And, the fact that one product is so versatile is a big plus: nursing cover, car seat cover, shopping cart cover, and a scarf all in one. Seriously? How easy is that?!?! To have just one product to use in multiple ways. And, there are so many adorable colors and patterns to choose from. When I received the army color, I fell in love with it. It’s just the perfect neutral color that goes with everything, from my outfits to the baby gear. Just head over their shop and pick the color/pattern that you’d think would go with your daily wardrobe so that you could wear it as an infinity scarf and pull it down when you need to nurse. Until I get to really use it, I tested it on my 5-month-old nephew’s car seat and had my sister try it on as a scarf and she loved everything about it. Until it’s my turn to use it, I’ve been sporting it as a scarf and practicing with it so when the day comes and I need to nurse in public, I am ready. You can wear it over both shoulders or leave one arm out in case you’re pushing a stroller or a shopping cart. And, the neck is very flexible to be able to peek at your baby while nursing, and all at the same time, it fits perfectly around a car seat to protect our little babes from all the elements. And, talk about the dirty shopping carts. Sometimes, it’s just easier to put our tiny loved ones in the cart than having to push a stroller and try to fit all the groceries in the stroller’s basket underneath. And, wiping the carts down with the disinfecting wipes is just not enough for me. As a secondary precaution, Covered Goods covers the entire seating area of the cart. I am looking forward to using this cover in so many ways once baby girl is here. You’ll be seeing this cover as a staple piece in my everyday life very soon.

Jamie Yetter is the designer and owner of Covered Goods™. As a mother of four, she faced a common fear while nursing in public; the fear of being exposed! I totally get and understand that some mothers are totally fine and comfortable with nursing in public, without a cover that is. Great for them! But, really, I personally am not comfortable with my goods revealed – yes yes, it’s a natural thing and all. But still! I’d like to be covered and modest about it when I have to. With Covered Goods, you can nurse anytime anywhere. You get an all over coverage, front and back, sides and everything. The material is so comfy, lightweight, and stretchy. And, the fact that you can wear it as a scarf to be ready for your little babe is a huge plus. So, if you're an expecting mom like I am, be sure to include this cover in your wishlist or baby registry. It's definitely a game changer!

Thank you to Covered Goods for sponsoring today’s post. All opinions mentioned above are solely mine.

xoxo, Salpie