A Super Mario Brothers Halloween

"It's-a me, Mario!" Halloween was extra special this year with the youngest of two in the family celebrating their first Halloween. When my son, Mason, and his cousin, Leo, chose their costumes months ago to dress up as Mario and Luigi, following their obsession with Super Mario Brothers, my sister and I thought it was only fair to make all the cousins match. So, Princess Peach and Toad were it. How cute do they look? So, we had no issues with the big boys costumes since their size was available to purchase which we ordered from Amazon and that was that. "Wa-hoo!" However, it was difficult finding the babies' costumes in their size. But, when you're far into it already, it's hard to change the theme. We put on our creative hats on and put our arts and crafts supplies to use.

My sister found the Toad hat on Amazon as well which was super awesome because that was not going to be easy to make, nevertheless, very time consuming considering everything was left to the last day. Then, the vest was made using a piece of blue felt, cut into his size, and 1 1/2 inch yellow ribbon glued onto the front edges. With white shirt and pants underneath completed the Toad costume. Then, with the Princess Peach costume, I really struggled because I don't know how to sew. But, a little hand sewing is all I know, if you don't come up too close to it, you would think I did a pretty OK job. LOL. So, I dyed one of Kate's white sleeveless onesies to light pink using this dye. After I let that dry for a day or two, I made the puffed sleeves using light pink tulle and hand sewing to the insides of the shoulders. Things became easier when I found the pink tutu at TJ Maxx and worked off of that to complete the bottom portion. I got a darker pink tulle to attach to the tutu as Princess Peach wears and I was pretty happy with the complete look. All that was left at that point were the crown and embellishment on the chest. I didn't have time to run to the store to buy the proper supplies since I had left this to the last minute, working on it Halloween eve. So, instead of jewels and a glitter foam sheet, I managed to work with cardstock. I cut out an oval shape using gold glitter cardstock and a smaller oval shaped in shimmery blue cardstock and hot glued them together then hot glued them onto the onesie as the jewel that Princess Peach wears. Then, for the crown, again I used gold glitter cardstock (template here) and shimmery blue and hot pink cardstocks and hot glued it all together and attached elastic ribbon to the sides of the crown and VOILA! "Mama Mia!" Talk about last minute success! I thought we did a pretty good job and everything came together perfectly. The kids had a BLAST dressed as their favorite characters and they had an even more amazing time trick or treating. They got a kick out of people yelling Mario and Luigi as they strolled the streets trick or treating. I hope you all had a happy and safe Halloween!

Download princess crown template HERE!

xoxo, Salpie